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The Event Management Masterclass 2019 - CMP/CPD Certified
  • Earn more: CMP Certified Planners  Earn More in Their Careers
  • Invest: Take Knowledge & Training With You to Your Next Job or Business
  • Stand Out: With CMP & CPD Certifications on Your CV or Resume
  • Growth: Knowledge is Power, Don't sit Back, Embrace This Opportunity
  • Develop: Adopt Best Practices Of Seasoned Event Professionals.
  • ​Unlock: Your Fears And Uncertainty And Those Knots In Your Stomach by Learning A System You Can Trust.
  • ​Knowledge: Learn About The World of Events Outside Your Current Scope
What You'll Learn in The Masterclass
  • 7 key fundamentals of event management
  • Event conceptualisation
  • Imagineering and event creativity
  • ​Managing contractors and venues
  • A to Z of the event management process
  • Venue Equality Act
  • Negotiation workshop
  • Contingency plans
  • ​Overview Risk Assessment
  • ​Overview Method Statements
Testimonials from Kevin's recent courses
Video testimony #1
Video testimony #2
Certified Meeting Professionals earn more money  according to CONVENE magazine
The Certified Meeting Professional certification is an internationally recognised accreditation.

Only 11,000 fully qualified CMP Designates Worldwide.
The course is awarded 6.5 CE unit hours and includes certificate of attendance
Certified Event Planner CMP course logo
The Continual Professional Development certification is recognised by over1400 UK Associations.

The Standard is recognised in 20 countries Worldwide.
The course is awarded 5.0 hours CPD activity and includes certificate of attendance
Continual Professional Development CPD course logo
""Kevin is an enthusiastic and inspirational speaker who used his extensive understanding of the events industry to deliver an insightful & interesting session. It was worthwhile and I would recommend this course to my other colleagues involved with event planning. Thank you!"
                                                            Amy S, University of Dundee
"Kevin is a very knowledgeable, charismatic trainer/business owner. He brings all the course content to life with fun stories from his experience and I have no doubt runs an exceptional business. Would recommend & if I ever need an event planner I'll be sure to give Kevin a call!" 
                                                                 Gemma D, BBC Worldwide
Who Is Kevin Waters? 

• I started my own event agency with No money, No clients and No experience

• I’m proud to have been an Event Association Board Member

• I’ve organised over 2000 corporate and public events

• My largest audience 10,000 music fans

• My largest budget £2.5 million pounds

You might like to know a little about me… 

Starting my own agency was tough! With no money, no clients and no experience…

But I was passionate about working in the events industry…

We don’t have the time or space here to go into everything but as with any life there were a lot of ups and downs…

And no doubt like your own life there were many highs and many lows, some hard choices and 
sacrifices, I came close to bankruptcy on more than one occasion…

The financial crises destroyed many lives including my own, it cost me virtually  everything I had 
built and ultimately my marriage…

But like many others I picked myself up and after a chance meeting with an old friend, who'd become an 
online millionaire, he made a suggestion that I go into training…

He felt I’d always had a great way with people, which I know to be true and had missed that connection…

Creating the courses took months, it was a tortuous process for me as I am not a natural writer...

Then I had to learn a new style of presentation. Sure I'd presented at a senior level before but for 20 minutes not 6 or 7 or 8 hours straight...

Now 3 years on I have coached & mentored 100s of students in the UK and Worldwide…

And my courses have earned International Accreditation via the CPM and CPD Certification...
"I have lived and breathed the event industry for over 25 years, it has been a fantastic journey but I wished I'd had this plan at the start!" Kevin J Waters
• I know what it's like to build a business 
or career from zero.
• I know what it's like to be asked to organise an event when I hadn't the faintest idea where to start.
• I know just how frustrating and stressful it can get.
• I know what it's like to be alone and without help.
• To be sick with worry the night before an event.
• To be let down by staff/suppliers at the last minute.
• To have the budget slashed but still have to carry on with the event.
• To work too many hours, with little help or training, learning as I went!
"I would thoroughly recommend this course. The trainer (Kevin) is a highly engaging industry expert, who is also rather inspiring."

                                                                                  Charlie T, Philips
"Kevin came with excellent industry knowledge and gave some excellent examples throughout. Continuously enthusiastic and answered questions expertly."

                                                                         Chris P, Living Sport
"6 Hours of Event Management Gold"
The Programme...
The Event Management Masterclass is one in a programme of event courses which are delivered via live webinars, offering affordability and flexibility.

We don't have the space here...
We don't have the space to list everything we cover here but the bottom line is that we will coach you to organise events, with more certainty, less stress and bigger, better results.

  • We have 100s of testimonials like the ones you've seen here today...
  • We provide confidence to event planners who HAVE NOT received ANY training to tackle any event...
  • Our masterclasses don't just teach best practices or how to do things professionally, they change peoples mindset...
  • ​You'll look at your business or career through a different lens...
  • EARN more and MAKE more of your career with CMP certification...
       Who This Works For...
  • People who want to break into the event industry...
  • ​People who have failed in the past...
  • People with an event or wedding businesses...
  • Event planners with little experience...
  • ​Intermediate planners who want to go onto the next stage...
  •  Experienced event planners looking to refresh, update or have new ideas to take back to the office...
       WAIT - not a fan of webinars, here's the FAQs
  • I hate showing my face on camera:  You don't have to show your face, you can go Audio Only.
  • ​I'll feel on my own:  You'll be in a virtual classroom where you can speak with other students and see their faces if they want to share.
  • ​How do I ask questions if I'm stuck: It's actually easier than in a classroom as you can ask verbally or by text.  You can even virtually raise your hand and the lecturer can see the icon and stop the class and ask what your question is.
  • ​I want to meet other event planners and get their thoughts: You can swap contact details with other students and get in touch anytime.
  • I want that community feeling: We understand and that is why we have our own Facebook group where you can network with other event professionals and get advice.
  • Why would I join the Facebook Group: We provide free advice, tips, have a Vlog and further FREE training.
  • With a live class I can just refer to my notes: With the Live webinar you can still refer to your notes and also have all the training recordings for you to refer to for 12 months FREE, as well as all the Checklists and Templates ready for you to download at any time.
  • ​What if I can't do the Live webinar times: No problem they are there for you to watch when you're ready.
  •  I like it all over in one day: A lot of students find this type nof learning information overload and only retain bits such as the beginning and end. We split our trainings into 60 -120 minute segments.  It gives you time to let the information settle and you can ask questions if you're stuck or can't remember something.
#1 Reason Why People Don't Get Started
You might be thinking that you don't need this as you're fine as you are and you may well be but why settle for mediocre
 when you can be outstanding.

#2 Reason Why People Don't Get Started
You might think it'll take too long or be too difficult but it's like learning to drive, at first learning to use the clutch and gear stick/shift to change gear seemed nearly impossible and now it's second nature!

#3 Reason Why People Don't Get Started
I'll do it another time I'm too busy. Has there ever been a good time when your not "busy"? It's like when people ask "when's a good time to plant a tree?" The best answer is 20 years ago, second best answer is right now!

#4 Reason Why People Don't Get Started
You might feel settled and that life will never change and you'll never need these skills or certificates but what if you lose your job, move away or something major changes. There might be a time when you'd be glad to have a course and credentials on your CV or resume!

#5 Reasons Why People Don't Get Started
You think you're too old or know too much already.  I understand I'm 54 and thought I knew everything I ever needed to know about the event industry but you know what, the more I taught, the more I found I had to understand. 
I had to start learning again myself and began taking courses which culminated in me becoming a 
NEBOSH qualified H&S Safety & Fire advisor.
If you'd have said this to me 10 years ago I'd have laughed out loud.  
You're never too old and if you feel you are you might need to find a new interest, just my pennies worth!

#6 Reason Why People Don't Get Started
You've tried something like this before and never completed it.  This is different, you get a lot of support and tools such as;
Checklists, Templates, our own Facebook community, the Ultimate Event Group, to meet and mix with like minded professionals as well as an ongoing training program if you want to progress further!

Our Best Discounted Bundle Package Ever!

Live Webinars

25 years of my event career broken down step by step providing you with an 
Event Blueprint to organise any event no matter the size and complexity. 
Tons of content & anecdotes to colour the lessons.
25 years event experience!  $1997

12 Months Membership

12 months membership to the Event Masters Series Membership Site with the Event Management Masterclass lessons unlocked.
Membership costs £97 per month so 12 months x $97 is $1164

Community with Our Members Only Facebook Group

The support and friendship of other event professionals. 
The group also offers ongoing advice, tips, videos and FREE training. 
The group will become private after 500 members so get in whilst you can!
Facebook Group Membership Value $297

Certified Meeting Professional Certificate

You receive 6.5 CE/hours towards the minimum 25 hours required to take the CMP Examination.  
Only 11,000 Event Planners have full CMP Designate status.  
Event planners who pass the CMP Exam are proven to earn more in their careers. 
Course Certificates Attendance Value $197

Continual Professional Development Certificate

You receive 5 hours of Continual Professional Development.  The CPD standard is recognised in over 1400 Associations in the UK and 22 countries Worldwide!
This certification is recognised by employers around the globe.
Course Certificate Attendance Value $197

Custom Templates

We know you're busy so we want to do some of the laborious stuff for you so we provide the same Templates that are for "Internal Use Only" within my agency to launch your events.

"Internal Use Only" Checlists for your use Valued at $97


Everyone loves Checklists because they take away the worry of forgetting something and they help when you're delegating tasks or if you're off sick.  Again here are our "Internal Use Only" documents.

"Internal Use Only" Checklists for your use Valued at $ 97
Total Bundle Value $ 4046 
Now Only $197
  • 25 Years Event Experience Compressed For You 
  • ​Four x Live 90/120 minutes Live Webinars 
  • ​Available 24/7 For 12 months
  • ​CMP International Accreditation and Certificate
  • ​CPD International Accreditation and Certificate
  • ​Event Masters Series 12 months Membership
  • ​Event Management Masterclass UNLOCKED
  • ​Free Facebook Support Community
  • Our Own Agency "Internal Use" Only Templates
  • ​​Our Own Agency "Internal Use" Only Checklists
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P.S  Don't forget the tree planting Story, the best time to get started is NOW!
P.P.S Back yourself, take action and get CMP certification.
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ONE TIME OFFER ($37): Get The Expert's Guide to Planning Faultless Event Everytime. A 42 page book colour illustrated step by step guide to organise any event. You'll also get this exclusive 60 minute Explainer VIDEO by Kevin Waters PLUS BONUS CMP 3.0 hour CEs and Certificate

Get The Book and Video

This Guide takes the reader on an easy to follow, step by step process that can be used to organise any event no matter its size or complexity.
CMP 3.0 hours CEs + CMP certificate 
Each Step has a Colour Icon, an Expert tip to drive the message home & 2 page infographic.
Dynamically Updated
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